Over stock and used surplus sale

We have a limited amount of excess inventory and slightly used surplus that we need to sell now! So for a limited time we have some great prices on computer parts, accessories, and general electronics.

MS111 USB 3-Button Optical Mouse from Dell 

Dell USB 3-Button Optical Mouse - MS111

$7.50 Cheaper than Amazon

This mouse can be used on just about any desktop or laptop computer that has been built sense the late 1990’s.

KB522 Dell™  Wired Business Multimedia Keyboard

$9.00  Dell sells this keyboard for $29.99

Seven hot keys let you conveniently access essential applications, like your calculator, email, browser or My Computer screen. Seven multimedia keys let you easily play, pause, rewind, forward or access the main media player screen.

 The Various Professional Topload Carrying Cases from Dell™

Dell Professional Topload Product Shot

$25.00 these bags start at $44.99

 Genuine Original OEM Dell™ AC Power Adapter Battery Charger

Dell 45 Watt 3-Prong AC Adapter for Dell XPS 12/ 13/ 13 MLK Laptops

 $30.00 or 3 for $25.00 (keep one in your car one in you office and one at home) these are $60.00 Chargers!

Cable security anti-theft lock designed to work with any screw hole on laptop computers and data projectors (attaches into VGA port screw). This product is easy to install and remove when unlocking is required.

Notebook Security Cable Kit

$15.00 great for electronics and laptops that do not have the  Security Slot Built In. New from competitors  $29.95